You Don’t Even Know You Do This And It’s Turning Most Women Off

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A recent article picked up a story that focused on how men are unknowingly having a negative impact on the overall sexual experience of their female partners by obsessing on their own ego — as it relates to making them orgasm.

Men were asked to rate how manly they feel when their sexual partners orgasm…

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In a new study that examined the sexual habits of 810 heterosexual men, the participants were asked to “read a vignette where they imagined that an attractive woman either did or did not orgasm during a sexual encounter with them.” They were then told to rate their self-esteem, in terms of how masculine they felt, as a result of experiencing either situation. Their responses showed that they felt more masculine and reported a higher self-worth when they imagined that the women climaxed.

Turns out, a lot of men actually define their own masculinity based on how good they are in bed…

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The report, titled Do Women’s Orgasms Function as a Masculinity Achievement? suggests that “women’s orgasms do function, at least in part, as a masculinity achievement for men.” So, for most men, their entire self-image comes from their ability to perform sexually.

Unfortunately, most women find it a huge turn off when dudes are cocky about their sexual prowess…


The Sun reports that “For many women, there are few things worse than a boastful sexual partner.” It seems “men can ruin the moment by making a woman’s orgasm all about them.” So, for men who derive ego boosts after a job well done, keep it to yourselves — or risk never feeling it again.

So, if you’re only trying to please her to boost your own ego, you’re doing sex all wrong.

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Because, if you have sex and she’s not completely satisfied, she’s gonna write a strongly worded Yelp! review about your selfish penis.

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