The Yankees And Tigers Got Into A Brawl After Miguel Cabrera Squared Up With Austin Romine

The New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers faced off earlier today and things got HEATED, leading to a brawl in the 6th inning. Here’s what led to the fight: In the 6th inning, the Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera was nearly hit by a pitch. Yankees pitcher Tommy Kahnle, who threw the ball behind Cabrera’s back, was ejected. A new pitcher, Aroldis Chapman, began warming up on the mound. Before he could throw a pitch, Cabrera got into it with Yankees catcher Austin Romine.

Here’s a clip of what went down:

Here’s another angle, you bloodthirsty savage:

Both Cabrera and Romine had visible marks on their faces after the fight:

This Yankee fan had an explanation for Cabrera’s frustration.

@TwoTurtleDuffs roasted Cabrera, who has had a tough season, for missing those first few punches:

Others wanted to see more action:

Although the fight was somewhat entertaining, things got very serious the following inning. Yankees pitcher Dellin Betances retaliated by nailing Tigers catcher James McCann in the head.

Don’t be surprised if Betances gets a lengthy suspension for that dangerous headshot.

After the game, Cabrera explained what led to the fight:

Cabrera said he felt Romine was “acting tough” when Cabrera tried to calm things down.

Romine gave his side of the story:

Although real punches were thrown, this brawl still sits atop the baseball fight throne.


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