Alex Rodriguez And Derek Jeter Were At CNBC To Talk About Charity And The Interviewer Wouldn’t Stop Asking About The Freakin Met Gala

credit: CNBC / YouTube

This interview started out normal enough, but then…

CNBC’s Bob Pisani sat down with former Yankees players Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter for what was probably supposed to be a light-hearted conversation. What happened instead was a grand slam of awkward questions that felt less like an interview and more like uncomfortable twin brothers being interrogated by their weekend-dad who still can’t tell them apart. Pisini actually calls Jeter “Alex” at one point. It was awesome, for me at least.

Right out of the gate, Pisini fires a shot at A-Rod by bringing up the 2014 season in which Rodriguez was suspended for using illegal performance-enhancement drugs. I mean, he could’ve been a little more subtle. Then Pisini attempts to stoke whatever embers remain of the alleged beef between the two retired athletes. That is, until “Mr. November” Derek Jeter shut him down cold: “You’re bringing up stories from 20 years ago.” Take that.

The whole cringeworthy and painfully glorious interview can be summed up in this GIF:


Yeah, it was that bad.

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[H/T] People WATCH: This Alex Rodriguez-Derek Jeter Interview Is so Painfully Awkward 

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