This Google Doodle Recognized Hip-Hop’s Birthday And Threw Love At Famous Breakdancer Richard ‘Crazy Legs’ Colón

credit: Google

Google celebrated the 44th anniversary of the birth of hip hop with a doodle that doubled as a history game. On August 11th, 1973, DJ Kool Herc threw a party in the Bronx and helped give birth to hip hop. Back then, music was played on vinyl records, so DJ Kool Herc used two turntables to extend the instrumental breaks of songs. This allowed people to dance longer and eventually led to the creation of break dancing.

Google’s history game works the same way, giving you a pair of turntables and a crate of digital records to complete challenges. The more parts of the game you complete the more you get to learn. And around and around we go!

Not only was the game fun, but it was also informational.

Credit: Google

Teaching you how to use turntables — adjusting speed, changing out records and mixing songs — the game rewards you with little nuggets of history. It’ll help you learn about hip hop titans such as Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash, Grandmaster Caz, rapper Roxanne Shanté, as well as hip-hop’s first all-women trio, “The Sequence.”

One such titan was Puerto Rican break dance legend Richard Colón, aka “Crazy Legs,” of the Rock Steady Crew.

Credit: Google

According to the game, Colón is widely acknowledged as the pioneer of moves like the “W” and the “Windmill.”

Check out his last dance battle reported on by CNN.

Credit: CNN/ YouTube

Crazy Legs has continued to dance since then, but only in the same way that Michael Jordan throws the ball around every now and then. And you know MJ is still nice and so is Crazy Legs.

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