We Created This Playlist To Remind Us That Latinos Are Here To Stay Despite Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and Trump

Whether it’s Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, the city of Houston, Texas, or the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, these past couple of weeks have not been easy for anyone. Our friends and families across Latin America have been hit with Hurricanes and earthquakes and many are still without electricity and running water.

On top of the recent events, we also have a president in office who continues to humiliate our countries of origin with his ignorance and blatant disrespect.

But as we continue to withstand disaster after disaster, we need to also remind ourselves that music has always helped us get through challenging moments. As a result, we decided to put together a playlist here at mitú with a few Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Mexican (and Mexican-American) artists whose songs have brought us joy and reminded us that we are capable of enduring any amount of tragedy and loss.

We hope these seven songs bring you as much life as they did for us while we were curating them.


Yo Vivire by Celia Cruz

Credit: Camilosmusic/Youtube

If I Was President by Las Cafeteras

Credit: Las Cafeteras/Youtube

Latino America by Calle 13

Credit: Calle 13/Youtube

Jefe De Jefes by Los Tigres Del Norte

Credit: Los Tigres Del Norte/Youtube

Mi Gente by Hector Lavoe

Credit: Fania All Stars/Youtube

El Rey by Vicente Fernandez

 Credit: Vicente Fernandez/Youtube

Lejos De Ti – Angel Canales

Credit: Fania Records/Youtube

Las Caras Lindas by Ismael Rivera

Credit: Maxmar/Youtube

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