It’s Banned In Germany, But Your Parents Probably Made Your Doctor Do This To You Anyway

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The adult store Adam & Eve conducted a web-based survey that asked 1,000+ American women ages 18 and up whether or not they prefer circumcised or uncircumcised penises. The results show that 54% prefer circumcised, 33% were indifferent, 10% didn’t answer, and only 3% chose the uncircumcised option. So what’s all the fuss about, and is it really that big a deal?

What is male circumcision?

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Baby boys are born with a fold of skin (foreskin) covering the tip (the glans) of their penis. The surgical procedure to remove it is called a circumcision. The associated health risks are low, but include pain, bleeding, infection, and inflammation in the scariest place possible.

When does the procedure normally happen?


According to, about 65% of newborn boys are circumcised every year in the US. Instances of adult circumcisions are far less common, but still occur frequently. When performed on babies, the procedure takes between 5-10 minutes, but for adults, it takes about an hour.

Why would anybody do that? Health benefits.

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Most research says that the health benefits of the procedure include a decreased risk of UTIs and STDs, while Men’ even claims that it lowers your chances of getting penile and prostate cancers. On top of all that, it’s supposed to be easier to clean.

Also, there’s a stigma against uncircumcised penises.

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“For a lot of American women, the idea of an uncircumcised penis is repulsive,” says YourTango, an online magazine dedicated to love and relationships. When 54 women were asked about uncircumcised penises, their answers were mixed, but still mostly negative by and large.

So, why isn’t everybody getting circumcised?


How about our right to choose? For many of us, whether or not our penises kept their turtlenecks was decided well before we were old enough to even weigh in on the issue. So, people are finally standing up against circumcisions because they say it’s unfair to just lop pieces off of babies without giving them a say in the matter. The pro-foreskin revolution has created such a controversy that circumcisions are actually banned in Germany.

With the circumcision debate continuing to rage on between the haves and the have-nots, what side are you on?

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