This Ice Cream Parlor Has Dogs Everywhere Barking

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If you have a dog, you’ve probably felt the guilt associated with eating ice cream in front of your four-legged friend as he or she gives you its signature sad puppy dog face. You might’ve had your pet have a lick or two… but also probably dealt with the mess that came after ?. Fortunately, there’s now an ice cream parlor in Mexico City that opened its doors to the public that caters specifically to dogs allowing them to enjoy ice cream minus the stomachache.

A dog-friendly ice cream shop just opened up in Mexico City.

Adventure Time / Cartoon Network

Don Paletto parlor caters to K-9s by offering a variety of frozen treats and paletas that were created to mix up their diet and reward good behavior. Owner Mauricio Montoya says that it’s even safe for humans to eat, so you can race your pets to brain freeze without any worry.

It’s made to safely satisfy their sweetest cravings without causing them indigestion.

Adventure Time / Cartoon Network

According to the article, the shop makes the ice cream using natural yogurt and lactobacilli bacteria so it doesn’t cause the dogs to experience diarrhea or stomach pain.

So now, man’s best friend can finally eat his feelings, too.

Adventure Time / Cartoon Network

Dogs can get a variety of flavors such as “Lucky Lucky” and “Gentleman” — even though they’ll inevitably realize that they can’t fill the hole in their hearts with ice cream. Like you on a Friday night, they’ll find themselves as empty and cold as their bowl or cone was back when it was full.

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