If You Were A Bullfighter, This Would Be Your Worst Nightmare Come True

credit: WWE / YouTube / Bully For Bugs / Warner Bros.

The Sun reports that a matador in Mexico City was dominated made into a shish kabob gored by the horn of an angry bull during an incident that is so violent that footage of it has to be preceded by a warning. For bullfighter, Antonio Romero, this version of Beauty and the Beast is a horror story.

During a seemingly typical bullfight in Mexico City…

Hable Con Ella / El Deseo

Classic scenario at first. Things go like they always do: Boy meets bull. Boy taunts bull. Bull gets mad. Boy kills bull. Boy becomes hero to everyone but PETA.

A matador demonstrated his full control over a bull…

Bully For Bugs / Warner Bros.

Romero goaded the bull with a muleta as he danced around the bleeding animal like an old pro — completely immune to its suffering. The matador masterfully guided him in circles around himself as he taunted the bull like Tio used to do to you back in the day.

When, out of nowhere, something went heinously wrong…

Once Upon A time In Mexico / Sony Pictures

Suddenly, the matador lost control and ended up on the ground. Not somewhere you wanna be around a pissed off 2,000 lb. animal. If you’ve ever seen “When Animals Attack” or accidentally sat on a road cone, you can imagine what happens next.

And the fight became a proctology exam — performed by el toro!

The raging bull gored the prone matador and then penetrated his rectum with 11 horrific inches of furious horn — twelve, if you believe the folks over at Metro.co.u. The bullfighter sustained several unspeakable injuries and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment.

Sure, for the Matador, there is plenty to be bummed out about…

Nacho Libre / Paramount Pictures

According to the Metro.co.uk, his doctor, Dr. Rafael Vázquez Bayod, says that the bull’s horn “completely destroyed the anal sphincter and very seriously damaged the rectum.” As I write this post, there is no official word on whether it killed him.

But, for the bull, there’s a much happier ending…

WWE / YouTube 

The bull went on to become a huge star in America. While performing in sold-out arenas around the country, he’s also become an accomplished illustrator. Most recently, he was awarded the coveted Caldecott Medal for his outstanding illustrations in a children’s book, specifically promoting dental hygiene to the age 4-10 demographic.

Psych! There are no happy endings in bullfighting…

Rocky / MGM

I couldn’t find anything about what became of this bull, but I did find a few articles featuring other matador-resistant bulls who won and yet were killed anyway. Bullfighting is tough business!

Except for when there are…

Bully For Bugs / Warner Bros.

Normally, when a bull survives being filleted alive by a matador’s tiny spears, it is pardoned via “indulto” and then used to breed. What more could a bull ask for? Other than not being forced to fight for it’s life in the first place.

[H/T] Horrifying Moment Raging Bull Gores Bullfighter In The Rear

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