This Conversation Between A Son And His Mom Is Way Too Real For Every Guy Who Is In His Late 20s And Single

Earlier today. This is the 2nd time I've had this conversation with my moms and it's even harsher hearing it again. I was just gettin ready lol

Posted by Michael Felix on Sunday, April 12, 2015

¿Por qué no tienes novia? ¿Quieres que te la busque?

When all of your childhood friends already have kids and you’re single and childless AF, you better believe your mom is going to pop up at the most inconvenient times to demand answers – whether you’re a guy or girl. Mom wants to know why you haven’t had kids yet. Why aren’t you married? Why don’t you even have a girlfriend? What are you going to do? And this mom is so concerned that all the young women your age are going to die out. Of course, like most of our moms, this señora offers to be his personal matchmaker.

If that interrogation session isn’t stressful enough, this mom then starts telling her son what his kids need to be like. The nerve! They must speak Spanish and if he ends up only having one kid, that child has to be a girl. Anything else señora?!

Generally, we think women are the only ones being pressured by family members to get married and have kids, but man, this video was a total reality check.

So once you start approaching your late 20’s be prepared for your mom to start asking you about los nietos. ??

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