Watch The Racist Act That A Colombian National Team Player Committed Towards A Korean Player Today

During a recent international match featuring the Colombian and Korean national soccer teams, forward, Edwin Cardona, did something towards a Korean player that many are considering to be the most recent racial gesture against people of Asian descent in sports.

The play occurred after Colombian soccer star, James Rodriguez, was pushed down by Korean player, KI Sungyueng, after a questionable play. What immediately ensued was a mild altercation between Colombian players and Korean national team players.

Moments later, Edwin Cardona, pinched his eyes in a way that has been viewed as a discriminatory gesture towards people of Asian descent. The Federation of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has yet to officially comment on the situation. But so far the Colombian team manager, Jose Pekerman, stated that he “didn’t see that gesture and I cannot comment on that.”

The coverage about the incident is growing because it closely resembles what Houston Astro’s first basemen, Yuli Gurriel, did against Los Angeles pitcher Yu Darvish during the recent World Series.

We’ll provide more information on the situation as things continue to unfold, but in the meantime check out the video for yourself.


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