This Barcelona Based DJ Took Video Game Weapon Sounds And Turned Them Into A Dope EDM Song

credit: Eclectic Method / Youtube

The Youtuber “Eclectic Method,” whose real name is Jonny Wilson and who is based in Barcelona, Spain, has painstakingly gone through a bunch of video games just to sample gun sounds and put them together for your audio enjoyment. It’s actually pretty impressive. It all flows in the end and he even shows you which sounds he used and from which video-game-gun.

“Eclectic Method” isn’t just a Youtuber, he’s also a music producer and DJ, making songs out of compilations of other videos and sound effects.

Credit: Eclectic Method / Youtube

Do you think you can name all the games in this video?

In the video below he combined some of the most recognizable gamer gun sounds into a two-minute jam fest, that you can actually bob your head to.

Credit: Eclectic Method / Youtube

What? You’ve never wanted to combine your favorite guns sounds into a dope beat you can drop? LIES.

And it’s not the only one. Check this one out of “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Credit: Eclectic Method / Youtube

I can actually listen to this. And apparently so can other people, this video has over 3 million views.

Stephen Colbert once called him “DJ Jazzy-Jerk Off.”

Credit: Eclectic Method / Youtube

Eclectic Method, has gotten pretty famous making these mash-ups. Questlove, Mark Ronson and Anthony Bourdain have all acknowledged his awesomeness and he’s even got into a pretend beef with Stephen Colbert for remixing him on “The Colbert Report.”

He has made a ton of cool videos and worked with awesome people and brands. Check out my favorite one.

Rich Sanchez, remixed? The best!

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