Find Out How This Afro-Cuban Rappers Music Video Is Helping The Island Heal After The Latest Hurricane

Cuban Hip-Hop has always found a way to survive despite censorship and other restrictive measures from the government. Recently, however, with the disaster left by Hurricane Irma, many of the island’s Hip-Hop community has been negatively affected by the lack of governmental resources for an art form that has positively affected Cuban youth.

But Afro-Cuban rapper, El Cepe MC, hopes his music can help the Hip-Hop community bounce back from yet another national setback.

His latest video titled, “Respiraré,” directed by Lemay Calderon, is an ode to both surviving and thriving amongst tough conditions. Part of a rap group called, La Invasion, Cepe hails from a small town on the the eastern coast of the island called Artemisa, which was a region that was severely impacted by the hurricane.

The Cuban rapper is quickly ascending in the ranks of Cuban Hip-Hop with a voice and a message that will soon be taking over the United States and the rest of the world.

Check out his latest video music below:


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