These Things Can Shake The Confidence Of Any Dude No Matter How Cocky He Is

If you’re like me, your self-esteem is a house of cards even on your most confident days. Your hair’s never right. You suck in your gut even when you’re alone. And, even if you’re not the self-conscious type, sometimes all it takes to crumble your ego is a series of innocuous incidents strung together in rapid fire. Here’s how it happens.

There are days when your whole look is on point.

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Got a fresh haircut. Your outfit is killing it. You’re optimistic and confident about how others will see you.

But then something happens to knock you down.

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This always seems to happen on those rare days when for once you were actually feeling good about yourself.

Like when Snapchat filters won’t recognize your face shape.

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WTF? How? These days it even picks up on dogs.

Or your friends set you up on blind dates with people who don’t find you remotely attractive.

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Your friends set you up with someone they think is “perfect for you.” But, when you see them all you want to do is RUN.

Maybe a caricature artist’s rendering of you ends up looking a little too much like you.

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You indulged a street “artist” offering to sketch your caricature because, why not? Too bad the final product’s less of a caricature, and more of an accurate representation of what you look like in real life. That mole you were once insecure about has come back to haunt you.

But nothing shakes your confidence like being offered money to appear as an extra in police lineups.

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Your IMDB page lists you as “Weird-looking Creep #4.”

Except for when you try to make eye contact with someone and they swerve you.

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You really must be a sight to behold, friend. Woof!

But not as bad as when your ‘friends’ ask you to take the group photo just so you can’t be in it.


At first, you think someone’ll take turns with you after you get the shot, but then that never happens, and you’re standing there like a paparazzi photog taking selfies of someone you only recognize as the sad version of yourself.

No doubt, today was hard on your self-esteem, but maybe tomorrow will be different.

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Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder.

Also, have you considered getting glasses or growing a beard? Seriously, anything to cover up some of that… JK, you’re the teen dream. Handsome AF.

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