These Seven Latino Entertainers Are And Will Always Be Facial Hair Goals

From a young age Latino men are often made to believe that having facial hair is an important part of their masculinity. As a result, many of us grow up with the belief that the more facial hair we have, the more “manlier” we become. And I mean, with so many images of Latinos with facial hair throughout popular culture, can you blame anyone?

But there is a point in our lives, however, where we begin to understand that facial hair has nothing to do with with masculinity and, in fact, some of us look better with no facial hair at all.

That said, there isn’t anything wrong with choosing to grow facial hair or style it in different ways. Just look at the way Latino celebrities and icons have chosen to groom their facial hair throughout the years. In case you needed a reminder, we at mitú have decided to put together a list of seven Latino celebrities who chose to have different types of facial hair.

Check out the list below and let us know what you think.


Cisco Kid 1994

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Cheech Marin chose to go with the Wild West mustache vibe for this classic film.


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The African-American and Mexican rapper has been pretty consistent through the years with his mustache beard combo.


The Peruvian-American actor usually goes with the shaved look.



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The Afro-Latino actor has tended to keep his facial hair tightly trimmed.



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Miguel, the blaxican (Black-Mexican) artist has recently let his hair go and grown out his facial hair.


The insanely talented actor trimmed his facial hair and left his mustache for a particular role.


I love him I love him I love him I love him #OscarIsaac

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When Oscar Isaac isn’t playing a role in Star Wars or X-men, he’s giving us his best facial hair looks.


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