This Video Helps Explain Why Latinos Loved Tampico Juice So Much

If you grew up in a Latino home or lived in a Latino community growing up, chances are you probably grew up drinking Tampico. It was cheap, delicious, and was always fully stocked at a nearly corner store or market. Not only was there plenty of it, Tampico almost made ten different flavors including Tropical Punch, Citrus Punch, and Stawberry Kiwi.

First created in 1989, the beverage company began in the United States and created their first international license in Mexico. But while Tampico wasn’t incredibly healthy — it’s made of nearly all artificial flavors and sugar — it was a citrus “juice” always came through whenever we were thirsty and had low budgets. I mean, how could you compete with a $1.59 price tag?

This child was all of us as children. You better believe there’s Tampico in that cup.

Best dinner ever.

Tampico quickly became a staple at sporting events.

Look at the lil’ homie in the front holding the tropical punch flavor. He’s living his best life.

When we got older we realized that Tampico had more uses than we ever imagined.

I’ve actually seen people in my family do this before.

As we got older, we got clever and started to mix it with other beverages.

Week early pre-gaming for my birthday!! #junglejuice #Malibu #Burnettes #Bacardi #TampicoJuice

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Personally, I feel like we all need more Rum and Tampico vibes in our life.

At one point, even white people learned about Tampico.

It honestly looks like homegirl is conducting a science experiment.

But white people took it to the next level and even started to worship it.

Surround yourself with a world full of color. #SeeingRed #Tampico #ColorfulLiving #color #juice #tropical #punch #Tampicojuice

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We don’t know what part of cult he’s a part of, but he looks mad sinister. Not today, Satan.

But at the end of the day, Tampico will always belong to Latinos.

?? Lmfao!! My mom still drinks #tampico #tampicojuice #mexicanproblems #childhoodmemories #mexicanmomsbelike ?

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Where’s the lie?

This video will help explain why Tampico was so important to our lives.

There’s healthier options, for sure, but there’s nothing that will ever replace the impact that Tampico had on our childhoods.


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