President Trump Just Did Something To The U.S.-Cuba Travel Policy That Will Affect Millions Of People

When President Obama lifted the Cuba travel policy, thousands of Americans took advantage of the policy change and traveled to the Caribbean island nation. But when President Donald Trump was voted into office almost one year ago, there was speculation that he would undo the Obama administrations policies.


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Today, according to the Washington Post, there has been new ban on specific travel to Cuba. President Trump’s new policy build on the plans he announced nearly five months ago when he spoke of reversing the previous administrations policies. The biggest changes in the new policy include a range of restrictions including U.S. citizens having to travel as part of organized groups sanctioned by the Treasury Department. Americans will also be forced to stay in private Cuban owned homes not operated by the Cuban government.

The only way people from the U.S. can travel to the Cuba is by showing that travelers “have engaged in activities that supported the Cuban people” which, at this point, can mean many things.

The recent changes come as many Cubans were benefiting from the travel restrictions that the Obama administration eliminated beginning in 2016. For now, however, as the new policy has recently gone into effect, Cubans will wait in anticipation to see its effects on travel and tourism on an island that continues to become more digitally connected with the advent of the internet throughout the island.


H/T: Washington Post 

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