Miguel Explains The Creative Process That Went Behind His New Album “War & Leisure”

“We all have to wake up and fight to be positive, to stay passionate, to be productive and to keep dreaming.”

R&B singer, Miguel, recently sat down with Vevo to break down the creative and structural process that went behind his new album, “War & Leisure.” Despite the intense contrast between the words “War” and “Leisure,” Miguel decided to give his album this title to serve as a representation of the time we are living in right now.

The ultimate theme is concentrated, according to Miguel,  on the “balance between being aware of what’s going on, but also not letting it weigh you down.” For instance, there are tracks in the album such as “Banana Clip” and “Sky Walker,” which are about love, happiness and about living in the moment every day of your life. And then there are tracks like “Told You So” and “Now,” which speak to concepts about violence, war and human rights issues.

While these tracks are on opposite sides of the spectrum, they serve as a reminder that as important as it is to live in the moment and be happy, you can’t afford to ignore the terrible things that are happening around you, especially in the current time we are living in.

Miguel applies musical influences from other eras into his album. “All of my favorite artists were conscious about the times they were living in and had their own unique way of addressing how they felt in the middle of it,” Miguel adds. One thing Miguel appreciates about his favorite music artists is that they always “found a way to bring you in and take you on a ride, and sometimes even help you be a better person.”

The type of appreciation Miguel has for other music artists, is the same sort of appreciation his own fans have for him.


Although it has only been a few days since the release of “War & Leisure,” the responses from his audience are already filled with lots of love, respect and appreciation.

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