A New Spider Was Discovered In Baja California After Biting Someone, And It’s Bigger Than A Softball

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When was the last time you had a nightmare that continued to frighten you long after you’d already woken up in a terrified sweat? If it’s been years, that streak ends now. According to Gizmodo, in an article they filed under “Kill It With Fire,” a new species of spider has been discovered that’s the size of a softball and guaranteed to give nightmares.

Meet the Califorctenus Cacachilensis, a newly discovered spider that is so gruesome the devil uses its named as his safe word.

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This new species of arachnid gets its name and classification from the remote mountain region of Baja California Sur, Mexico where researchers from the San Diego Natural History Museum found it in a cave. This hairy spider is four inches of bad dream-inspiring terror. So, just to recap, it lives in caves and is the same size as a Rawlings Dream Seam. (TBH, I’d rather get hit with a pitch than come face to face with this guy.)

This 8-legged freak is unlike the thousands of other documented species of arachnids.

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Although it’s actually classified in the same group as the super venomous, Brazilian wandering spider, the Califorctenus Cacachilensis isn’t as dangerous. According to the San Diego Tribune, one of the researchers who found the first live specimen was actually bit, but ended up being totally fine a just few hours later.

But its role in the spider-led extinction of all mankind is just as important.

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Gizmodo reported on a study that claimed spiders, worldwide, are responsible for collectively consuming around 800 million metric tons of food every year — that’s about as much as the combined weight estimate for all humans on Earth. So, there it is. When spiders decide to wipe us off the earth, they won’t even get fat doing it because, apparently, they’ve already been training for it.

[H/T] Gizmodo: This New Mexican Cave Spider is Ridiculous 

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