Wrestling Icon Follows His Uncle Into The Family Business As An Actor Trainer

credit: Netflix / El Rey Network / YouTube

With ‘GLOW’ set to debut on Netflix next month, Chavo Guerrero Jr., was on set to train the cast for their roles in the upcoming wrestling comedy series.

Chavo was hired as a wrestling coordinator to help the show’s lead, Alison Brie, as well as the rest of the cast learn “basic ring knowledge,” says Pro Wrestling Sheet. The six-time WCW/WWE Cruiserweight Champion is actually featured in a couple episodes of ‘Glow,’ and is credited on IMDB as “Sal Guerrero.”

Chavo Guerrero Jr., continues the legacy of his family’s involvement with the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling.

During the days when this fictional series actually took place, Chavo’s uncle Mando Guerrero (brother of the late Eddie Guerrero) trained the cast of ‘GLOW‘ during its original run. Proof once again that the wrestling will always be a family business for the Guerreros.

Check out ‘GLOW‘ when it hits Netflix on June 23:

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[H/T] Chavo Guerrero Jr. — Lands Job On ‘GLOW’ Netflix Comedy Series

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