Here’s Why This Talented L.A. Radio Trio Made Us All Proud To Be Latino In The 1990s

NELA.TV, a Northeast Los Angeles blog dedicated to documenting Los Angeles’ cultural history, has just released a short documentary about the lives of (then) Power 106 hosts, Eric and Nick Vidal, known as the Baka Boyz, and their co-host, Tito.

If you were born and raised in L.A. during the 1990s, chances are the Baka Boyz and Tito were a staple on your drive home from school or work. The talented trio made us laugh, played the hottest songs of the day, and, most importantly, they made us proud to be Latino.

In addition, the Baka Boyz also created a needed Latino presence on one the largest Hip Hip stations in the United States at a time when Latinos were fighting to break into the market.

As the documentary describes, the Vidal brothers first began their careers in Bakersfield, California, as unapologetic and witty radio personalities, which landed them an opportunity on the Power 106 station in L.A. But their real contribution came when they introduced us to Tito, who legend has it, once worked at the Power 106 studios as a janitor and parking attendant.

Remember this intro?

Tito became so popular (and an urban legend) that he was given his own segment titled, Tito’s Top Four at Four, where he hysterically described his favorite songs of the day in a way that related to an intergenerational blend of Latinas and Latinos in Los Angeles and beyond.

For more information about these legends, check out the documentary below:

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