Grew Up In Los Angeles? Chances Are One Of These Pair Of Sneakers Were On Your Feet At One Point Or Another

From the first moment that many of our parents and grandparents began to arrive to the United States., Latinos have been at the forefront of sneaker culture. Over the years we’ve changed the game by integrating our style and experience in a way that represents our experiences in the U.S. and throughout Latin America.

That said, there’s nothing like the feeling that some of our favorite shoes have given us over the years. It could have been the day before you started school or a pair of shoes you bought for a big party. We all have distinct memories of our first pair of Converse Chuck Taylor’s, Air Jordan’s, or Reebok classics, as well as many others.

While we remember the feeling we felt with our new pair of shoes, our shoes also reminded us about the struggles we or our parents often had to overcome to buy those shoes. If you’re Latino and grew up anywhere in the U.S. then you probably owned one of these pairs of shoes that are in this list at one point in your life. Some of them were only one hit wonders, while others have always been in style.

Get ready to reminisce by checking out these shoes below.

Chucks were a MAJOR part of our lives.

"I would enjoy walking a mile in your shoes. They seem comfortable." #capetown #whitechucks #stansmith

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We wore and continue to wear them in different colors.


Scottie Pippen may been Michael Jordan’s sidekick but his shoes stood alone.

These have recently made a comeback.


Air Max 90’s were simple but dope af.

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You were either on team air max ’95 or on team ’90.


Who else stood in line to get these?

These shoes created a patent leather shoe craze.


You could never go wrong with Nike Air Max ’95’s.

All my homies had a pair of these.


Vans began in Southern California but soon spread all over the U.S.

City slickers. Shop the Era online or find a store near you at

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Who else had like 3-4 pairs of these?


K-Swiss were a staple for everyone.

Lace up in a classic.

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You either had the black or white versions.


Nike Cortez have recently made a huge comeback.

Nike Cortez all day.


Air Jordan 13’s were a hit.

I had friends who waited in line for two days to get these.

Reebok Classics were a huge deal in the late 1990s.

Rappers like Kendrick Lamar have helped these shoes make a comeback.

Rapper Nelly wasn’t the only person wearing these.

Do you remember how mad you got when someone stepped on your shoes?


British Knights were controversial but many of us still wore them.

Tough. #bkdirector #classic

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They were banned in some schools throughout California for being associated with particular gangs.


L.A. Gear were hot for a minute.

Old School Wave ? #beach #90s #KAJ #weekend

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Some of them even lit up.

Is there anything more classic than a pair of Pumas?


If there’s any shoes that we missed, or that were important in your life, feel free to tell us in the comments section!

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