Snoop Dogg Shared This Video Of Him Getting Down To One Of Jenni Rivera’s Songs

While you may know Snoop Dogg for his classic rap songs such as “Ain’t No Fun” and “Gin and Juice,” he also enjoys jamming to classic Banda songs — in particular, Jenni Rivera’s song, “Envuélvete.”

Both raised in Long Beach, California, Snoop Dogg and Jenni Rivera attended the same high school: Long Beach Polytechnic High. In 2012, when everyone received the bad news of Jenni Rivera’s death, Snoop Dogg was there at her funeral to pay his respects.

Last week, Snoop Dogg took to Instagram and posted a video of himself listening to a Jenni Rivera song while smoking a blunt.

While some people were confusingly taken off guard by Snoop Dogg’s Instagram post, other people absolutely loved it. As Remezcla noted, “La Diva de la Banda would be proud.”

Here’s the video Snoop Dogg posted to Instagram of him singing along to Jenni Rivera’s “Envuélvete.”

Jenny ???

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This isn’t the first video of Snoop jamming to classic banda songs.

One of the first things people pointed out was Snoop Dogg’s face.

“Snoop Dogg letting out his pain with some Jenni Rivera – his face!! hahaha.”

…which is the exact face all of our tíos make when they get drunk and start singing along to corridos.

The combination of smoking a blunt while listening to Jenni Rivera on a rainy day, seemed to connect perfectly with some people.

“Snoop Dogg smoking with some Jenni Rivera is my aesthetic.”

This is my mood when I’m sitting in a car on a rainy day, with my earphones on, listening to a sad song and looking out the window, imagining I’m in a melodramatic music video. ? I can’t be the only one, right?

Even though a couple of folks were upset about the video, others felt the complete opposite:

“I think this video of Snoop Dogg listening to Jenni Rivera is my favorite video of all time that’s on the internet.”

On a level from 1-10, this is how happy people on the internet were about Snoop’s video:

“This video of Snoop Dogg singing one of Jenni Rivera’s songs is the best thing that has happened to me all week.”

So if you’re a fan of Snoop and Jenni, then you’ll also be love this sing-along video.

“This video of Snoop Dogg with Jenni Rivera’s song just made my day.”

What if one of your favorite rappers posted a video singing along to one of your favorite banda songs? Would it make your day too?

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