This Latino Actor’s Star Continues To Rise Thanks To Roles Like This

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Demian Bichir has taken on characters from all walks of life, but his latest was a role he couldn’t “say no to.”

In Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien: Covenant,’ Demian Bichir plays Sgt. Lope, a character in a same-sex relationship who’s on a colonizing mission in outer space. In an interview he did with Variety, he said that the most challenging part about adjusting to so many different kinds of roles was stepping out of his comfort zone. He went on to say, “that’s the only way you can surprise yourself.” While he admits, “You have to say no many times to find the right roles.” He joined the cast of ‘Alien: Covenant’ because, “You can’t say no to Ridley Scott.”

Born in Mexico and trained in theatre, Bichir is an actor whose prowess has been on display in TV shows like ‘Weeds,’ and on the big screen starring in films as varied as Quentin Tarantino’s western piece ’The Hateful Eight,’ and Steven Soderbergh’s “Che” Guevara biopic, ‘Che.’ He was even nominated for an Oscar for his role in “A Better Life.

Check out Demian Bichir in Alien: Covenant when it hits theaters everywhere on May 19th:

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We’re pumped! ? ?

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[H/T] Variety: Demian Bichir on ‘Alien: Covenant’: ‘You Can’t Say No to Ridley Scott’

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