Cuffing Season Is Upon Us And If It’s Your First Time Hearing The Phrase, Don’t Worry You’re Not Alone

Friends, cuffing season is upon us. Yes, you heard that right: Cuffing season is here. If this is your first time hearing the term, don’t worry because we’re here to help.

According to Urban Dictionary — one of the most trusted sources on the internet — cuffing season can be defined as the time “during the Fall and Winter months when people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship.”

If you live in the colder parts of the United States like New York City or Philadelphia, the term “cuffing” comes with a different set of realities. Cuffing during the colder winter months could literally be your key to survival, particularly if your heating system is down or if you have a lousy landlord who keeps saying he or she will call the maintenance guy but never do.

On the West Coast, however, cuffing also means cuddling up with a new or improved significant other; it just doesn’t come with the same life life or death outcomes because, let’s be real, it’s never that cold.

In the spirit of cuffing season, we’ve compiled a list of five helpful tips for the upcoming season.


You need a strong cobija game.



Make sure your cobija is big enough for two people. You don’t want to get caught with a small ass cobija because that’s never a good look.


Gas or Credit



Always make sure to have your gas tank filled up or have a train/bus pass that still has credit on it. You don’t want to    show up late to a date because you ran out of gas or get caught by your date asking for quarters on the bus or train.      Again, never a good look.


Buy a coat with a lot of pockets.



Waking up at your significant other’s place can be nice, especially after being together all night. But while this can be the a way to build a meaningful relationship, waking up at your partner’s place will also sometimes mean that you won’t be prepared for the next day at school or work. That said, make sure your coat is big enough to carry the essentials: toothbrush, deodorant, lip balm, and others.




We’re all busy people who don’t always have time to do laundry. Shoot, some of us (so I’ve heard) have been known to wear things over and over again. This is hard to do at any point of the year, but it’s especially hard to do when the temperature drops and you have to drag your laundry to the local lavanderia where you aren’t even guaranteed a washer because the local comadres have been posted up there since six a.m. Point is: Wash your clothes because foul underwear or socks isn’t cute.


Inform your roommates aka your parents.



The worse thing about cuffing season is having to explain your current situation to your parents, who you may or may not live with. Chances are they probably won’t be cool with you having someone over. Or, if they are from a far off Latino galaxy, then they just might be. “Como se llaman?” “Donde trabajan?” “Por que se visten asi?” These are questions that you will probably have to answer, so be ready for them. Just know that there is never a right answer.

Good luck, y’all.


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