A Brazilian Microbrewer Has Crafted Beer From An Ingredient You’d Never Expect

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The standard ingredients needed to make beer are yeast, hops, water, and barley. Craft beer companies all over the world experiment with recipes in hopes of brewing something that will stand out among all the rest.

In Brazil, some brewers are experimenting with less-traditional ingredients…


In the city of Jundai, Brazil, there’s a small brewery called Heroica where they literally go out on a limb to add an original ingredient — bonsai trees! Acquired from a bonsai master, the pruned trimmings are worth more than $20,000!

You’ve heard of bonsai trees…

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With origins that go back to ancient China, the art form we know best is actually more Japanese Zen Buddhist inspired. The word “bonsai” just translates to “planted in a container.” We are most familiar with the small versions of these trees, but they actually grow much larger in the wild. Most bonsais are are trimmed and kept miniature to simulate realistic representations of nature.

But why make beer out of it?

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According to Vice’s Munchies, Renato Bocabello, a bonsai master living in Brazil, came up with the idea when he saw his brother-in-law, Lucas Domingues, experimenting with a home-brewing kit. “I noticed some similarity to many resinous hop flavors … in some IPAs, and we wondered how a beer made with the bonsai pine branches would taste,” he said. And just like that, Kuromatsu Kamikaze IPA was born.

Finally, an art form you can drink!

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Heroica’s Kuromatsu Kamikaze is proof that art and alcohol go together like a landscaping and whatever tío was sipping before he fell asleep on the riding lawnmower. This Brazilian beverage even has me hoping that someday I’ll get to drink a beer made from what my brother-in-law gives me — chest pains. Brother-in-laws, am I right?

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