In His New Music Video, Miguel Urges Us To Act Now And Fight For The Rights Of Immigrants

“We will fall for standing and watching all in silence. Now or never we can work together.”

A few weeks ago on November 20th, R&B singer Miguel held a concert in Adelanto, Calif., as part of his #SchoolsNotPrisons tour. Miguel recorded footage from this show, where he brought awareness to the unfair treatment of immigrants held in U.S. detention centers, and compiled it into his music video for “Now,” leaving us all with a major knot in our throat.

The video opens with a shot of the Adelanto prison, “Home to the largest immigrant prison in California, housing 2,000 family members predominantly from Mexico, Haiti and Central America,” according to the video as Miguel sings:

“CEO of the free world, build your walls up high and wide.”

CREDIT: MiguelVEVO / Youtube

The first person to speak in the video is Carlos Hidalgo, who became an activist after being released from a detention center and witnessing the way people were “being victimized as humans and as detainees.” Another activist touches on the extensive amount of time immigrants are being held in these detention centers. He emphasizes, “How can somebody be kept for 9 years, 4 months? That’s not a detention. They’re prisons.” In addition to the words of these activists, we also hear words of protest throughout the lyrics in Miguel’s song.

“It’s time we talk about it. Let’s not waste our common ground. We only suffer what we allow.” And as the concluding lyric to his song, Miguel states, “For all the people in Puerto Rico. Way down in Houston. In Flint, Michigan. Way down in New Orleans. All of the Dreamers, the black lives that we’ve lost. This can’t wait.”

Every single word in Miguel’s lyrics are a powerful call to action.

In response to the release of Miguel’s music video, people across the internet expressed their love and respect for the message being delivered with this song.


Thank you for bringing light to this issue, Miguel. ❤️

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