Here Are Some Of The Legit And BS Remedies People Would Recommend To You On How To Grow Out Your Facial Hair

A major physical feature for men that is either a hit or miss, is your facial hair. And if you’ve struggled with peach fuzz growing up, chances are you’ve heard of a few facial hair growth remedies here and there.

But question is, do they work? …

Here’s a few of them:

One facial hair growth remedy you can try out is: Caca de vaca aka cow dung.


All you have to do is go find some cow shit, pick it up and rub it all over the desired areas on your face that you would like to grow facial hair on.

But if caca de vaca isn’t your forte, then you can always go with chicken shit instead.

After hearing more than one poop remedy, you then start to wonder if these are legit remedies or just pranks to get you to smear poop on your face.

To speed up the facial hair growth process, it’s also recommended to add extra ingredients to the poop you decide to use.

Poop and honey *must* work, right?

Aside from poop, you can also go with the vegetable remedy.

You’ll probably be crying all day, but at least you’ll have a beard right?!

Just beware of the smell this remedy will leave on your face…

Pobrecito. Lol

A facial hair growth remedy you can whip up at home is a mix of lemon and cinnamon.


Better hope this works.

Another option is following a protein heavy diet so that you can boost your testosterone.


You’ll be looking like a thick bearded Canelo in no time.

But if you’re too lazy to follow a diet, you can just pop a few of these bad boys:


With this supplement, you’ll grow a beard so thick and long that you’ll be able to do a hair flip with it.

In addition to Biotin, Castor Oil is also said to work wonders.


All you have to do is rub it all over your face, and BAM. Instant hair growth.

Another alternative is this Beardwolf oil.

Yup, you’ll be as hairy as a wolf. Side effects include howling in the middle of the night.

As last resort, you can go with the remedy of rubbing some of your urine onto your face.


Some people swear this works. But um, no thanks I’m good. ??

And after trying all these remedies, the real question is, do they actually work?…

Let us know ya’ll.

What facial hair growth remedies did you hear of growing up? 

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